Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Spiritual leader from Junagadh adopts village in Nepal

RAJKOT: A spiritual leader Muktanand Bapu has adopted a village in Earthquake affected Nepal and started relief camps in 20 villages in the Himalayan country to help in rebuilding the nation in the time of natural calamity. Muktanand Bapu of Champarda village, some 30 km away from Junagadh, has adopted Dungana village, some 40 km away from Nepal's capital Kathmandu. 

Muktanand Bapu has been camping in quake affected villages in Nepal and oversee the relief work undertaken by his followers. 

"We have started relief work in 20 villages where we provide basic amenities like food, make shift arrangement for shelter and medical facility to victims. The food is immediate requirement to victims as they have no sources of income and they have lost everything. So, we have started the kitchens in these villages'' said Madhav Jasapara, a follower of Muktanand Bapu.  "The adopted Dungana village will be rebuilt by volunteers where all the basic amenities for the villagers including 128 housing units will be provided. 

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