Thursday, 12 January 2012

World of Kites

AHMEDABAD: Sturm Rolf, a kite flyer from Germany, was busy making a new kite to suit the wind direction and speed - a kite that would fly high at the festival. While fixing his designer airplane-shaped kite, Rolf said, "I visit Rajkot, Bhuj, Vadodara, Jamnagar while I am here for the festival but flying kite at the riverfront is altogether novel experience. It is different due to the suddenly-changing wind direction. This is the fifth time I've come back to participate at this festival in Ahmedabad as I simply love flying kites at this venue."

The changing wind direction, relaxed flying zone times, enthusiastic crowds and tasty food, were the major attractions for many international kite flyers at the festival. With huge crowds of enthusiastic onlookers constantly cheering the kitist, there was a festive ambience at the venue. About 87 kite flyers from 24 countries, 70 from nine Indian states and about 200 domestic kite flyers from Gujarat participated by flying kites of different shapes, sizes and colours at the festival in Ahmedabad on Wednesday.

Kite flyers were from 24 countries including US, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Holland, France, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Turkey, Cambodia, Japan and more. Many of the kite flyers who came, have attended Kite Festivals in many other countries including England, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Mexico and France. "The experience at the Indian Kite Flying Festival beats them all," said Gadis Robin, flyer from Singapore who is attending the event for the tenth time. A group of eight flyers from Austria chose to fly 'smile' kites. "I give nine points out of ten to this festival," said Loki Tes, a flyer from Austria, who flew a hand painted 'ankhedaar' kite. "My granny hand painted this Indian design kite especially for this festival," he said.

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