Saturday, 16 July 2011

Bet Dwarka Dwarkadheesh Mandir Jamnagar

Bet Dwarka which is one of the most popular tourist attractions near the Dwarkadheesh temple in Jamnagar district is all set to be developed along the lines of the stunningly beautiful beach resorts in Malaysia.

Malaysia has developed several of its islands into exotic tourist resorts to boost the country’s tourism scene. The picturesque beaches there attract thousands of visitors, both local and foreign every year.

Now, Bet Dwarka, believed to be the original abode of Lord Krishna according to the archaeological ruins excavated here, is poised to become the tourism hotspot of the state. The Bet Island is famous for its marine life as people throng here to watch the dolphins, porpoises, sea turtles and starfish.

Located nearly 30 kms away from Dwarka town, the island does not have hotels and resorts as of now. So, pilgrims and visitors who spend time at the beaches here manage their stay in the hotels in the town.

Now, the state government proposes to develop eco resorts here besides planting trees and developing mangrove plantations.

According to sources in the state tourism department, the Bet Island will have an ocean park like the one in Hong Kong, a marine attraction similar to Dolphin Cove in Jamaica and several water sporting activities.

The central and the state government plan to develop a National Coral Marine Zone (similar to the one in Australia) here.

A camping site will also be developed at Sundarvan, a nature discovery center in Bet Dwarka.

The island, also known as Bet Shankhodhar, will have a giant statue of Lord Krishna.

The Bet has 31 temples and several mosques and gurudwaras. Other important attractions in the Bet are Hanuman Dandi and the Padmeshwar Mahadev Temple, where state government is planning to develop a sunset point for visitors.

As per Latest Tourism Minister Jaynarayan Vyas Interviews, he said that, “The blueprint of Bet Dwarka development project is ready. The makeover of the island will be done in public-private partnership. Central government is also helping us develop the island. The project is expected to be completed by December next year.”

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